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Cosmo Power Modular Recliner Sectional

$3,999.99 $6,999.99
SKU: C57026M-10561-L

Comfort meets class in this exquisite piece of eye-catching furniture. The Cosmo exemplifies the qualities of a carefree, relaxed, and comfortable approach to life. Despite its tranquil energy, this article is uncompromising in its embodiment of style and luxury. It radiates a classy vibe with its subtle and pleasing silhouettes. This well-balanced piece is truly the best of both worlds and will make the perfect addition to any room.

  • Linen-look fabric greets your family with a welcoming feel they'll adore.
  • Arrange the seats in any layout to suit your living space, thanks to the sectional's modular design.
  • Modern European style can be seen in the sharp lines and nonchalant openness of this piece.
  • Use one of the power recliner to ensure you can lounge in steadfast comfort.