Tuxedo Wall Mirror

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The Design

Standing tall at 72, this grand accent mirror is able to catch your whole reflection, making it as easy as possible to check your outfit. Perfect for your bedroom, living room or entryway, the mirror reflects natural and artificial light to brighten your home and make the room appear more spacious. More than just practical, the sturdy black iron frame consists of a series of spherical beads

The Features

Not just decorative, this mirror also offers practicality, reflecting both natural and artificial light to brighten your room and make it appear more spacious to give another dimension to your home decor.
Sturdy iron frame combined with MDF provide durable, long lasting protection, while the minimalist design allows the mirror to easily complement a wide variety of interior styles.

Product Details

50% Iron
25% Mirror
25% Mdf


Measurement: 183 x 58.5 x 5.1cm
Weight: 13kg
CBM: 0.1266㎥