Acacia Round Board with Handle - Medium

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SKU: 41-10 ISBN: 77243368


Showcase fearlessly using our robust and exquisitely circular Acacia board, designed with a strong and captivating appearance. Acclaimed for its durability and lively patterns, the acacia wood's allure only intensifies over time. Complement your display by pairing it with one of our artisanal cheese sets for a fully coordinated ensemble.

Dimensions: 12.5 inches by 19 inches Meticulously crafted from untouched acacia timber. Responsibly procured, contributing to the planting of fresh trees with each harvest. Exceptionally sturdy wood that gains enhanced charm as it matures.

CARE GUIDELINES: Gently cleanse with mild soap by hand. Refrain from using citrus-infused cleansers or abrasive materials to safeguard its distinctive texture.