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Douglas Custom Canadian Made

$1,599.99 $2,299.99
SKU: DIAZ-sofa-5

Our "Made in Canada" Douglas Sofa is on display at Coquitlam Centre location.

Choose from a range of configurations to match your living space:

Sofa - 36"H x 37"D x 84"L
Loveseat - 36"H x 37"D x 61"L
Chair - 36"H x 37"D x 39"L
Ottoman (3001) - 18"H x 24"D x 28"L
Chair 1/2 - 36"H x 37"D x 46"L
Ottoman (8001) - 19"H x 26"D x 40"L
Apartment Sofa - 36"H x 37"D x 76"L
D-Bed 54" - 36"H x 37"D x 76"L
L-Bed 35" - 36"H x 37"D x 61"L
Q-Bed 60" - 36"H x 37"D x 84"L

To help you make informed decisions, we've prepared detailed documents for your reference:

Dimensions PDF: Explore the precise measurements for each configuration. Download

Dimensions PDF

Sectional Planner PDF: Visualize and plan the layout of your Douglas Sofa with our sectional planner.

Access Sectional Planner PDF

Features Overview: Learn more about the exceptional features that make the Douglas Sofa stand out.

View Features

Mattresses Information: For configurations with beds, discover details about our quality mattresses.

Explore Mattresses

Note: Pricing is based on the starting grade and Prices may vary.

For assistance with customization, pricing, or any inquiries, please contact us at our store numbers or via our online chat service.