Gray Marble Lidded Cellar with Wood Spoon

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SKU: 58-01 ISBN: 31285736


This refined yet whimsical assortment combines two of our most popular marble collections, making it a seamless addition to any space within your home. The Anzio Collection expertly merges the grace of white marble with the twinkle of gray marble, resulting in a distinctive style that's uniquely its own. Our marble is carefully sourced from Agra, the city that houses the magnificent Taj Mahal, renowned as one of the globe's foremost marble marvels. Each individual piece possesses unparalleled uniqueness, showcasing an array of patterns and lines in a spectrum of colors.

Dimensions: 2.5″ in diameter x 1.5″ in height

Handcrafted in India with meticulous attention. Produced responsibly in limited batches.

CARE GUIDELINES: Gently cleanse with mild soap by hand. To maintain its prime condition, refrain from using harsh abrasives.