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Magnolia Tree Faux Plant 40cm/ 15.7"

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SKU: Y8199-58-4-4PS

SKU: Y8199-58-4-4PS

An artificial magnolia tree is serene, romantic, and a classic home décor choice. You add lively colour in an elegant fashion with this true-to-life faux magnolia. See for yourself a premium, sophisticated design that prioritizes style and realism. It’s like looking at the artwork! A great gift to maximize the appeal of a space.
  • The glossy touch, the vivid color, and the stem are not easy to damage.
  • The color of branches and trunks are dealt with the care that it's very realistic
  • In order to improve the simulation, we usually use natural materials to decorate some sections, such as using moss on the pots
40 cm/15.7"
40 cm/ 15.7"
Net Weight
1.5 kg / 3.3 lbs
Packing Size
45*15*15 cm/ 17.7*5.9*5.9"

Delivery box dimensions: 17.7*5.9*5.9