Rosa Power Recliner Sofa with Adjustable Headrest - Dove

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Experience the epitome of relaxation with the Rosa Power Recliner Sofa in Dove. This modern marvel combines convenience and style to redefine your lounging moments.

Key Features:

Electric Reclining: Effortlessly adjust your position with the electric reclining mechanism. Find your sweet spot for ultimate comfort.

Manual Headrest: Customize head and neck support with the manual headrest adjustment feature. Whether you're watching, reading, or resting, it's tailored to you.

Kaidi Motor: Powered by the trusted Kaidi Motor, expect seamless and silent reclining motion for uninterrupted relaxation.

Remote Control: Take control with the Type C remote. Fine-tune your recline and headrest settings effortlessly.

Elite-Dove Fabric: Drape your sofa in the sumptuous Elite-Dove fabric, showcasing sophistication and durability.


Color: Dove
Reclining Type: Electric
Cup Holder: Enjoy a built-in cup holder for added convenience.
Motor: Equipped with the reliable Kaidi Motor.
Buttons: Intuitive control buttons on the remote for easy adjustments.
Cup Material: Durable cup holder for your beverages.
Upholstery: Elite-Dove Fabric (FBD4X01300) adds an elegant touch.


Width: 80 inches
Depth: 42 inches
Height: 32 inches (23 inches when reclined)

Upgrade your space with the Rosa Power Recliner Sofa. Whether it's a cozy movie night or much-needed relaxation, this sofa elevates every moment.