White & Gold Flatware

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SKU: 25-75 ISBN: 82264808


Impress your dinner party attendees, or experience a regal sensation in your daily life with this exquisite contemporary gold utensil collection. Meticulously crafted, this stunning metal flatware set undergoes a skilled handcrafting process and is expertly forged, resulting in an exceptionally resilient PVD finish. For an opulently adorned table, combine it with our 24K Gold Rim Tam Stoneware Plates.

Dimensions: Sold as a set of 5. Each piece measures 8.75″ x 2″.

Artisanally created in India. Produced in small, ethically-minded batches.

Gently clean by hand using mild soap, avoiding citrus-based detergents or abrasive substances to maintain its distinct finish.