4 Creative Tips in Enhancing a Studio Apartment Space

4 Creative Tips in Enhancing a Studio Apartment Space

Oct 06, 2021HeadStartt Co.

Most people think it’s a waste of time to decorate a studio apartment since there’s not much room for furnishings and decorations, but truth be told, you can actually create the illusion of a broader and brighter space through interior design.

So if you’re finding it quite a challenge to style your studio apartment, here are a few creative tips that can help inspire you to achieve the space of your dreams:

1. Stick to a Single Color

It might seem dull to use the same color again and again. However, sticking to the same color palette can create the illusion of a higher ceiling and a more expansive space. This technique provides a  more seamless look, where your eyes aren’t interrupted by a change in color

Keep in mind that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to keep everything monochromatic. According to skilled interior designers, it would be best to paint your walls in the same tone. Then, add a splash of color by putting in distinctive furnishings and accessories.

2. Go for Bespoke Furniture

There’s nothing wrong with choosing pieces of furniture from stores and shops, but it would be wiser to select bespoke pieces retrofitted for small spaces. It’s even better to go for customized ones that can double as a storage space.

In this way, you can make excellent and clever use of every inch of space in your studio apartment while keeping everything organized. This reduces the risks of your place looking cluttered and dirty all the time.

3. Choose a Feature Piece

It might seem counterintuitive to feature a large-scale piece in a relatively small space, but this is actually a pretty good scheme. An oversized accessory, be it a painting, lampshade or mirror, can effectively draw attention away from the lack of space.

Furthermore, deciding on a feature piece may also help you work your way around styling your studio apartment, as you can choose furnishings and decorations that will further accentuate the centerpiece.

4. Hang Whatever Won’t Fit

It can be tempting to splurge on vast and stylish furnishings. However, it’s best to acknowledge that such pieces of furniture will only make your studio apartment look crowded.

Instead of choosing pieces that will consume what little floor space you have, it would be wiser to make use of the space on your walls and ceilings instead. You can invest in decorations and furnishings that you can easily hang, for instance, and take advantage of wall shelves and cabinets that can help display and store items in your home.


Admittedly, it can be very challenging to decorate a small space. Since there’s not much room to work your way around styling, it can also be discouraging to even give it a try. However, it isn’t at all impossible to completely transform your studio apartment into a beautiful loft.

You’ll only need to put in more thought and effort, as you need to remain practical in your design approach to make good use of what little space you have.

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