4 Tips to Create the Perfect Space for Your Pull - Out Sofa

4 Tips to Create the Perfect Space for Your Pull - Out Sofa

Feb 17, 2021HeadStartt Co.

Pull-out sofas have to be one of the best pieces of furniture to ever come into existence. They combine the comforts of a bed and a sofa into one, allowing you to sit, slouch, and lay down at any time. Whether you are setting up a sleepover or inviting friends over for a movie night, a pull-out sofa ensures everyone finds the most comfortable seating position, guaranteeing nothing short of a good time.

That being said, designing a room around a pull-out sofa can be a little tougher than you think. Because of its out-of-the-ordinary design, ensuring that space around it supports full use of the sofa can be a tad confusing. Fortunately, we have got some tips right here for you to help you design the perfect room around your pull-out sofa.

1.Pick the right pull-out sofa

The first step to designing your room around a pull-out sofa is to first pick the right sofa for the room. You should be considering the size of the room the sofa will sit in. Choosing one of an excessively large size means that you will have less space for other things, and picking one that is too small just limits its usability when you can do more with a slightly larger one.

Another thing to consider is the mattress size. Go for the size that your room allows for, ensuring you maximize every inch of space without overwhelming the room.

2.Always remember to maintain comfort

Comfort should always be on top of your mind when thinking about a pull-out sofa. In many cases, the thicker the cushions, the better. This also applies to the mattress, where the thicker the sleepers, the more comfortable it will be. When it comes to design, you can add a thick mattress topper to add to the comfort level, along with a throw blanket. 

Do not forget about colour either, as items like a throw blanket should sit on the sofa looking right at home while still providing a comfortable place to sit and lie down.

3. Work with other versatile furniture

If the pull-out sofa is the main sitting area in its room, then you can consider pairing it with other furniture such as a coffee table or even a sofa table. Just make sure that any piece of furniture you use can be easily rearranged. That way, you can move things in and out as you place to make sure you can fully utilize the pull-out sofa.

4.Keep the overall design simple 

In general, the design you pick should be one that is simple. Going all out is a possibility if you want to create a crowded room, but more often than not, crowded does not equal comfort. For that reason, limit the amount of furniture you want to use with the sofa, and let the sofa itself become the centrepiece of the design. 

A pull-out sofa is often the piece of furniture that eats up the most amount of space in the room, so always pair it with other items that are essential. This can be anything such as a coffee table and some lighting fixtures to maximize utility and comfort.


Designing your room around your pull-out sofa can be a challenge, but it can also be an extremely fun one! With enough creativity and planning, the room you come up with can become a perfect place to chill and relax, whether alone or with other people. That said, remember the tips we have shared and apply them to your pull-out sofa room design. They will ensure that you will not go overboard over-designing a room that is far too complicated to be comfortable in!

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