6 Tips on How to Decorate Your Apartment

6 Tips on How to Decorate Your Apartment

Aug 25, 2021HeadStartt Co.

There are countless apartment-decorating articles out there; it's true. But most of them forget to mention one thing - a huge part of how you should decorate your apartment depends on your space's size and architectural design. If you rent an apartment, you cannot make major alterations, but you can decorate your home wisely to achieve the look and feel you want.

To help you out, Accents@Home, your best source of modern furniture in Vancouver, shares ideas on how to decorate any apartment:

Make Any Small Room Feel Bigger

If you have limited space in your apartment, you should design using furniture pieces with decorative legs that lead the eye to go beyond the body of the furniture. Opt for glass or mirrored tables instead of solid wood ones as the latter may feel too heavy for a small space. You can paint the walls white or any light color, but you should also consider having one accent wall in a darker shade to give off the illusion of more depth and a bigger space.

Choose Your Color Palette Wisely

If you want to achieve a cohesive look in your apartment, you should stick to shades from the same family or at least similar ones. You don't have to use the same color for everything. A pop of color here and there using decorative items like pillows and paintings is enough to tie the look together.

Pick One Statement Piece for Every Room

Instead of trying to get as many fancy pieces in your bedroom or your living room, take a pause and just choose one. Whether it's a luxurious rug, an eye-catching dresser, or a unique shelf, make sure that it's the one that draws the eye. The room shouldn't have too many elements that could look cluttered and confusing.

Choose Smart Storage Solutions

There are now a lot of storage options that double as something else. For instance, there are wooden chests that could hold some of your linens or other stuff. These chests can also serve as extra seating in your living room or as the center table. If there's limited floor space, make use of the walls. Perhaps you can install some shelving units or cabinets.

Don't Underestimate the Power of Mirrors

Every interior designer knows that one of the best ways to make a room look bigger and brighter is by installing mirrors as they reflect light and can really "open up" the space. You can hang a tall mirror if you need to make a low ceiling appear taller or make a dining room look more spacious. If you feel like a room in your apartment looks dark, you should also place a mirror there.

Use Rugs to Separate Spaces

If the apartment you live in has an open floor plan, you can use area rugs to separate the spaces in the rum. For instance, you can place a big rug under your sectional sleeper sofa and a different one under the round dining table. You can also use dividers like shelves or console tables if you wish, but rugs are enough to create the distinction if you have limited space.


These tips apply to any type of apartment, no matter how big or small. Hopefully, you can apply these the next time you redecorate the apartment and help you get the aesthetics that you want.

If you're ready to redecorate, Accents@Home has some of the best items for you. We bring to you our collection of modern furniture in Vancouver, as well as our décor and area rugs.

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