Tips for Picking Out the Perfect Bar Stool to Complete Your Space

Tips for Picking Out the Perfect Bar Stool to Complete Your Space

Mar 17, 2021HeadStartt Co.

There are plenty of approaches for home improvement to enhance the interior design of your space. You can repaint your rooms, upgrade your appliances, and purchase new furniture—all in the hopes of improving your property. One simple and affordable way to upscale your aesthetic is by purchasing bar stools for your home.

Bar stools not only work for your kitchen but also for other areas in your house that require more seating—or simply even as an added feature. If you’re worried about matching them with your present decor, it’s safe to say that stools come in various heights and styles, so you will never run out of options.

When you visit a furniture store, you should carefully choose each piece—after all, your goal is to select high-quality pieces you plan to use for long-term purposes. With bar stools, your objective shouldn’t be any different.

Keep reading below to find out how to pick the best bar stool for your lovely home.

Kinds of Bar Stool Heights to Look Out For

Table Stool

A table stool is also called a short stool and offers an uncommon chair height compared to other typical bar stools available in the market today. However, that doesn’t mean they provide less functionality as compared to standard stools.

Table stools work as an excellent alternative to the chairs you use for breakfast nooks and countertop islands. It can make a kitchen or dining space look more classic and well-put-together. With bar stools, they can tend to emphasize the design of the area you’re hoping to highlight.

Counter Stool

If your kitchen is your favourite part of the house, and you’re utilizing countertops with a standard height of 36”, you can expect to benefit from a counter stool. While that may be the case, this type of chair can go well with your living room area too!

You can find counter stools sold in most home furniture stores offering different selections. And unlike chairs found in plenty of restaurants and bars, counter stools have a significantly lower height, so they won’t give you or your visitors a difficult time getting comfortable sitting on them.

Bar Stool

A bar stool isn’t always part of your home furnishings alone because, after all, its name is derived from one of its primary functions—to provide seating for bars and countertops. If you own a regular-sized surface, you’ll be sure to benefit from a stool with a 30-inch height.

Due to their apparent size, you should avoid incorporating bar stools with your dining set up because they will look out of place and too huge for the table. Instead, you could leave them as an additional chair option when you’re managing a home project.

Bar Stool Features to Consider

Stools With Adjustable Height

If you’re not all about permanence and appreciate things you can constantly modify, you may want to opt to get modern furniture that involves a seating with an adjustable height. Some chairs have a hydraulic pump feature that lets you fix the seat according to the size of the person sitting on it, whether they’re a child or an adult.

Stools With a Swivel Top

For those who remain restless and prefer moving around while seated, you can get a stool with a swivel top to keep you from struggling to maintain one position the whole time you’re sitting down. It’s perfect for the dining area and other areas, such as for a kitchen island, dining table, or nook.


A bar stool has plenty of functions for your home, and you don’t have to stick with one design or feature at that. When you decide to buy furniture online, remember to think about what you plan to do with it and consider whether you want a classic or modern take. If you choose the latter, you may want to get one with an adjustable height or a swivel top to boot. 

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