Traditional or Modern Furniture: Which is Right for You?

Traditional or Modern Furniture: Which is Right for You?

Jun 19, 2020Accents Home

So you have decided to refurnish your home. And naturally, the first thing you'll have to decide is to choose between traditional or modern furniture? Or maybe a mix of both? But mixing traditional and modern styles can be difficult, which is why people often opt to stick with one style. So, the question is - how do you choose between the two opposing design types?

There is no right or wrong answer, just your personal taste and style!

Traditional furniture is usually known to be large, dark and heavy wood with detailing and curves. Whereas, modern furniture is bright, minimalist, light, and usually has simple straight edges. There are, of course, benefits to each type, both visually and practically. You might want to consider a couple of aspects before you make your final decision. Let’s discuss further.

Durability: Traditional furniture is very strong and lasts for a long time since it’s built of hardwood. What's more, polishing solid wood can even make it look as good as new and can even last longer. In that sense, traditional furniture trumps modern ones.

Maintenance: When it comes to maintenance, modern furniture can be easily maintained by wiping it clean, and dusting it off. However, traditional furniture needs more frequent dusting, often needing polishing too. Moreover, caution has to be made for the placement of traditional ones as keeping them too close to a heating vent can ruin them.

Custom-made: Modern pieces can take different shapes & styles. With 3D design models, customizing a piece of furniture to your exact taste can be done to a whole new level. Such as, a coffee table or bar stools.

Space availability: Since traditional furniture is larger and bulkier than its modern counterparts, it often fits best in larger spaces like the sofa bed. Due to its visual weight, it can make a smaller space seem crowded. So depending on the space you have, traditional furniture may make the space seem too busy and out of place. Modern furniture — with its thin lines & sleek overall design — is great for smaller spaces, while still providing comfort and style. You can always add a touch of decor in the room with modern floor lamps.


So, if you are looking for a clear answer, it’s not that simple. Consider all the aspects above, your personal style and budget. Various furniture stores in Vancouver would give you abundant options to choose from but when it comes to making a decision, you are the best person to make your own choice when it comes to furniture!

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