Simple Steps Towards Achieving an Elegant Home Design - Our Guide

Simple Steps Towards Achieving an Elegant Home Design - Our Guide

Jun 17, 2020Accents Home

Everyone defines elegance differently. To some, this might mean a space in which every element is harmonious. To others, elegance might suggest extravagance. Whatever the case, elegance is abstract and what it looks like in your home is entirely up to you. Before you pay a visit to the best furniture stores in Vancouver, take note of these simple tips for achieving a more refined interior.

Tip #1 - Install bright lighting

Adequate lighting is a must for any home renovation. Installing skylights or large, open windows can bring in lots of natural light that make your home’s interior look more expansive and awake. Install lighting fixtures that can fully illuminate your space after sundown but that can also be dimmed during the nighttime.

Tip #2 - Focus on one object

Making one object, such as a piece of furniture, decorative ornament, or other design feature your centrepiece can make it easier to select other complementary pieces. Build around a piece of furniture such as a coffee table or sofa. Too many large pieces can make your space look too loud and cluttered.

Tip #3 - Experiment with furniture arrangement

Feel free to arrange your furniture in ways that maximize your space. You don’t have to stick to convention. Arrange your furniture in a way that is practical and best suits your lifestyle. Keep things accessible and prioritize the items you use most.

Tip #4 - Mix and match different colours and textures

You don’t have to play it safe in your own home. To avoid dull interiors, play around with colour and texture. Consider brightly coloured walls that open up your space. Purchase statement pieces in complementary colours and balance metallic elements with matte textures. Natural wood can bring great texture to your space—you won’t always have to go for the boldest patterns.

When it comes to mixing and matching, exercise some restraint. You want your space to stand out but you don’t want it to look garish either.  

Tip #5 - Choose items that reflect your personality

If you love a rustic, vintage, or boho vibe, don’t hold back. Incorporate a few features and accent pieces that reflect your personality. Make sure that the end result appears synergistic. You shouldn’t have too much going on.

Tip #6 - Incorporate a major feature

Think about a feature you’ve always wanted to install in your home and take the leap. If you love video games and have space in your attic, create a gaming nook. Love a bubble bath but haven’t had the time to install a tub? Now is the time to do so! If you’re short of space, consult with an architect before making any installations yourself.

Tip #7 - Decorate using organic materials

Investing in ecologically sustainable furniture and construction materials isn’t just environmentally friendly—it can save you on maintenance costs and bring a natural feel to your home. Incorporate organic furnishings such as a rug or ottoman into your living space, or line your windows with potted plants.


An elegant home is whatever you want it to be but you’ll always want to keep certain elements in mind. You want every piece to complement one another and to reflect your family’s style and personality.

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