Unique Bar Stool Ideas for Your Home

Unique Bar Stool Ideas for Your Home

Aug 05, 2020Accents Brentwood

A bar stool is a piece of simple yet functional furniture commonly found in restaurants, clubs, and pubs. But did you know that you can also use it in the comforts of your home? Because of how versatile bar stools are, these minimally-designed chairs fit in your dining room, kitchen, and outdoor spaces.

With an array of trends today and a variety of furniture stores in Vancouver, it’s only a matter of time before you consider a bar stool as an essential piece to completing your lovely home.

If you want to find out about some hip bar stool ideas, keep on reading below.

Bar Stools for Home Spaces 

Island & Kitchen Stools

Elevated chairs aren’t just for bars and lounges, they’re also perfect for a kitchen and dining room setup. These stools add depth and elegance to any room that needs additional flair.

To choose the perfect stool, pick one that has a tall backrest or one with a decorated and well-padded cushion, and make sure it matches your kitchen counters to maintain the aesthetic. 

Alfresco Bar Stools

Having an outdoor bar or dining area at home allows you to level up your get-togethers by using bar stools to accommodate your guests.  

When it comes to choosing the right material, go for resin wicker or aluminum, and consider the design of your alfresco tables. So your chairs are sure to last through the seasons and changes in the weather.

Common Bar Stool Materials

Transparent Bar Stools 

A clear type of bar stool can add sophistication to any room. Available in clear acrylic or a metallic finish, transparent bar stools exude a modern look. You can even choose to customize the chair and include a leather seat while retaining its translucent base. This kind of bar stool is perfect for minimal spaces that only need just the right amount of design to make a bold statement.

Wooden Bar Stools

Wood is a classic material that goes well with any kind of furniture. Choosing a grainy, refurbished wooden bar stool makes for a natural and homey vibe that will transform your space and add comfort to it.

If you want a more traditional feel to it, adding ragged wooden elements to your stool will make it look like it’s not too overdone. Meanwhile, if you prefer a conservative look, you can opt for glossy wood with metal touches and a leather seat to top it off.

Trendy Bar Stool Designs

Commercial Bar Stools

What’s great about bar stools is its versatility to adapt to any room you place them in. Industrial bar stools exude a sturdy and antique style to them, which goes well with commercial furniture that has either plain or fancy finishes.

Country Bar Stools

Rustic patterns continue to top the bar stool trends because of its timeless disposition. Discoloured wood with raw surfaces makes up for a country-style bar stool, giving people a nostalgic feeling of an idyllic past life. 

Vintage-Themed Bar Stools

If you’re in the mood for a mid-century impression with widely aligned legs, a curved structure, and quaint seats, a bar stool is just the chair for you. Meanwhile, a Scandinavian style focuses on composition, simple materials, and basic colours. 


Bar stools have long become a staple for any kind of establishment. As long as it serves its purpose and can be customized to one’s liking, its fine quality can bring out the best in any space imaginable.

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