7 Ways You Can Utilize a Chest of Drawers in Your Home

7 Ways You Can Utilize a Chest of Drawers in Your Home

Mar 05, 2021HeadStartt Co.

A chest of drawers can be an underrated piece of furniture. It’s flexible in length and design, and it features a large capacity to store objects. Although the most basic purpose of a drawer is to serve as storage for clothing items and accessories to avoid clutter, it can serve various other purposes. 

When you deviate from putting a dresser in the bedroom as regulars do, you may find a calm interior designing adventure that you can explore. Here are just a few ways you can repurpose your chest of drawers.

Toy Organizer

Aside from organizing the usual dresses and trinkets, a chest of drawers can serve as a toy organizer. Assign one drawer for cards and board games, another for action figures, and another for plushies. Consider the chest of drawers a little training tool that can teach your children how to keep everything in order.

An End Table

It’s nice to add furniture in between chairs or at the end of a sofa. A petite chest of drawers would be able to provide you with a small surface to put drinks and keys. You also get a little extra storage in the living room as a bonus for you or for guests to use.

Television Stand

If you aren’t mounting your TV to the wall, get a little nostalgic and place it on a chest of drawers as a TV stand. Make sure to get a design variation that can take the TV’s weight and is stable enough to withstand any movement from opening and closing the drawers.

Work Desk

As remote work is the new normal, most people are working from home. A chest of drawers can help you personalize your little workspace and store away any files you may be dealing with. A bureau with a wide top can let you hold your printer and personal computer on it.

Mini Wine Cellar

If you’re a wine enthusiast, this suggestion is the one for you. Turn the dresser into a vintage wine rack that you can get your bottles from easily. You can easily store it in the living room or master bedroom, with your kids being none the wiser.

Tea and Coffee Station

Are you more of a fan of tea and coffee? A narrow dresser is a perfect place to put all your tea bags and coffee grounds in. Add some canisters of cream, sugar, cinnamon, and some honey in the drawers for some spice. With some mini spoons and cups, you’ve created a little one-stop drinking bar.

Sink Vessel

It can feel cluttered in the bathroom when there are many hair, skin, and body care products lying around. One stylish way to deal with that is to integrate your chest of drawers as a drop-in sink. Be mindful of the material, though, as there will be moisture and water splashed around.


A chest of drawers can genuinely be a versatile piece of furniture. The sky’s the limit for creating the potential look of something as simple as a dresser. Showcase your creativity and customize rooms with a chest of drawers to reflect your character.

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