Types of sectional sleeper: Guide to buying one

Types of sectional sleeper: Guide to buying one

Jun 06, 2020Accents Home

A sectional sleeper is perhaps the most functional piece of furniture in the home. A home simply is incomplete without one. If you are wondering what we’re talking about, the clue is in the name: it is a sectional sofa with a sleeper option. That means, a sofa which comprises multiple sections, usually in a U or L-shape form; one of which comes with a pull-out, folding bed frame and pop up sleeper that can be stored within the sofa itself, when not in use.

From relaxation during family get-togethers to serving as an additional sleeping place when having company over and the guest room is full, to just watching TV or working on your laptop, to casually reading books, a sectional sleeper is useful for all these.

L-shaped sectional sleeper sofa or U-shaped sleeper sofa?

Depending on the size, a standard L-shaped sectional sleeper sofa can look like two sofas — a sofa and a loveseat or two loveseats pushed together. If space is an issue for you, get one with a chase at the end of one side that forms the “L”.

A U-shaped sectional sofa looks like three sofas pushed together to form two 90 degree angles. This type of sectional sleeper sofa is perfect for when having conversations with a large group, as everyone faces each other. 

Left or right orientation?

There are left-hand-facing and right-hand-facing sectional sleeper sofas. To check which type it is, stand in front of the sofa facing the widest dimension of the sectional. A sectional sleeper sofa is called left-hand-facing when the piece coming towards you is on the left and right-hand-facing when the piece coming towards you is on the right.

Shape and size of your room

Whilst a sectional sleeper sofa is to provide a sleeping option, you want to make sure that there is still enough space to navigate around. Taking this space requirement into consideration,

Decide on what sectional orientation is best for your room.

Consider the materials

If you have small children or pets, you probably are better off with a fabric that is stain-resistant or easy to clean and maintain. Microfiber might be a good choice, and they are inexpensive. Leather sectionals are also very easy to clean and maintain but are on the steep side when it comes to price. If the price is an issue, opting for leather alternative couches could be a practical solution.

Multi-purpose storage chaise

The average length of a storage chaise is 80inches and the width approximately 30 inches, give or take.

Consider the weight of the furniture when the storage compartment is filled to capacity if you plan to move it around the house. Storage compartments with hydraulic hinges as they are easier to access, even by elderly people.

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