Small Space at Home? Here's How You Can Use a Sectional

Small Space at Home? Here's How You Can Use a Sectional

May 12, 2021HeadStartt Co.

You don’t need to have a huge living room for it to be the perfect space for hosting game nights or Netflix watch parties. Having a sectional sofa may be all you need to solve the problem of limited seating in your living area.

You might be thinking how all the interior design guides tell you to not put a humongous couch in a small space. That’s true with those old-style pieces of furniture that are wide and bulky, but most modern sectionals are not like that anymore. For instance, you’ll find a wide selection of sectionals at Accents @ Home Furniture that are slim and sleek enough to work wonderfully in limited spaces.

If you are interested in getting a new sectional for your home, here are some great tips on how you can arrange it when you don’t have a big living room:

Use It as a Divider

You don’t always have to have the sofa backed into the wall. You can actually flip it the other way so that the L-shape serves as the divider between the living room and the next room. This works best in studio condos or apartments, or homes with an open floor plan.

Place It in a Corner

This may be the traditional placement of sectionals in a room where there’s limited space. Have your L-shaped couches in the corner of the room opposite the TV or your accent wall. This not only maximizes seating in the room but also ensures that the flow from your living room to the one adjacent to it is not blocked in any way.

See How It Looks from the Doorway

You need to think of how the room will look from the entry point. Ideally, the sectional should be facing the entrance of the room to make the space look more inviting. With that being said, if having the back of the couch facing the entrance makes more sense for your space, you can do so. Just be sure to place a narrow table behind the sectional with a few decorative pieces so that the room will still look welcoming from your doorway!

Consider the Shape of the Sectional

When arranging your living room furniture, you need to consider the shape of your sectional. For instance, if you have a U-shaped sectional, you can have that with a round coffee table in front. Better yet, you can opt for an ottoman, which is perfect if you're going to regularly need additional seating in the room.

Think About Breaking Up the Sectional

If the space is too small for a sectional you already have, you might want to consider breaking it up so that there’s a piece on one side and another parallel to it. This could still look super cozy, especially if you accessorize the room well with a nice throw and some pillows, for example. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it, or the room can look cluttered and even smaller than it actually is!


A sectional couch is a good option for small spaces when you can use as much seating as possible. To make sure that you get one that fits, don’t forget to take measurements of your room and check the size of the sectional that you are planning to get. Also, be sure to consider the layout of the living room when deciding on the shape of the sectional to make sure you still achieve a nice flow in your space!

If you are looking for a fabric or leather sectional in Vancouver, Accents@Home has some great options for you. Check out our collection of sectionals and other furniture to transform the look of your home today!

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